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Outsourced Cybersecurity & IT Solutions

Unlock Success in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction with Our Expert Support. With over a decade of industry-specific experience, we understand your challenges and work to keep your business safe. Enjoy quicker responses, strong cyber protection, and tailored cloud solutions. Discover how we can improve your operations today.

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Microsoft Partners

With access to Microsoft 365 & Azure licensing solutions tailored for your needs

10+ Years Of Experience

Across multiple industries, excelling and improving processes and workflows habitually

40% Improvement Of Technology Adoption

Observed among clients we have worked with over the past year alone

Technology Partners You Can Trust

At 917 Solutions, we are your trusted partner for comprehensive Cybersecurity and IT solutions. We specialize in providing tailored services to architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing firms across Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and more! Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses like yours succeed in today’s digital landscape.

Unlocking your business vision

Our IT Services

We understand the unique challenges that come with leading an organization and running a business. Let us help you overcome those challenges and enable you to focus on what you do best.

Managed Services

When it comes to finding a reliable managed services provider, look no further than 917 Solutions. We are the outsourced Cybersecurity and IT arm of your organization, so you can focus on what you do best – Running your business.

  • Remote & Onsite IT Support
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Data Backups & Protection

Co-Managed Services

Collaborate with our team to manage your cybersecurity strategy and support your internal IT team. From strategic guidance to day-to-day operations, we’ll work together to ensure your IT success.

  • Collaborative Partnership
  • On-Demand Experts
  • Proactive Management
  • Staff Augmentation

Cybersecurity Services

Empower Your Business with Cybersecurity Confidence! Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. With our expert team, take charge of your cybersecurity journey today. Join the ranks of businesses who trust us to guide them. Proactively secure your business with our simplified cybersecurity roadmap and risk assessments.

  • Expert Assessment
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Tailored Strategy
  • Ongoing Support

Microsoft Office 365 Consulting

Maximize the benefits of Microsoft 365 for your business with our expert consulting services. From implementation to optimization, we’ll ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

  • Intune Deployment
  • Mobile Device Management
  • SharePoint Consulting
  • Fileshare Migrations

Seamlessly migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud with our specialized migration services. From planning and implementation to post-migration support, we’ll help you harness the power of cloud technology with Azure and Microsoft 365.

  • Remove Active Directory 
  • Migrate Servers to Azure
  • Tenant-to-Tenant
  • Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Navigate IT complexities during mergers and acquisitions with our specialized support services. From IT due diligence to integration and migration, we’ll ensure a smooth transition.

  • Seamless Migration 
  • Strategic Planning & Coordination
  • Post-Merger IT Support
  • Integration and Availability of Systems

Your Partner in all things Cyber

When it comes to finding a reliable service provider, look no further than 917 Solutions. Our favorite kind of customers are building scalable strength in their industries. 


Our Process Details

Experience total transparency in our approach. We manage your projects with our in-house tools. Our mission is your success through clear and adaptable execution.


In the ‘Discovery’ phase, we kick-start your project by diving deep into your environment to uncover your specific goals and vision of success. 

We understand that every organization is different, and our mission is to translate your objectives into actionable steps that drive your organization forward.

In our ‘Pre-Requisite’ phase, we take the goals from our Discovery phase and turn them into a Statement of Work. We gear up for the project, make sure we have access to your systems, and sometimes even guide your team through the necessary steps to get things rolling.

*In some situations, we execute our plan completely over your shoulder through screensharing. We work with your organizations requirements to get the job done right.

In our ‘Design’ phase, we roll up our sleeves to set up the groundwork and gather essential data. Think of it as drawing up plans for your digital projects. We take the insights and ideas from our Discovery phase, refine them through collaboration with your team, and then present a final plan. This is where we decide how everything fits together, down to the smallest details. 

Every detail is documented, ensuring clarity for everyone involved. And, just like in construction, we don’t proceed until we have the green light from your team. It’s all about laying a rock-solid foundation before the real work begins, ensuring your project’s success from the ground up.

Alright, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work! Think of it as the ‘construction’ phase where we turn your ideas into a digital masterpiece. 

Using the design we’ve created based on your requirements, we start building your solution. Our skilled experts handle all the technical details – writing code, ensuring everything functions flawlessly, and keeping your project on track. Our project managers keep a watchful eye on progress, and communication flows smoothly. It’s like assembling a puzzle, creating something amazing without the headache of understanding all the technical tasks required.

We take a proactive approach to testing. Our unique value proposition lies in our meticulous testing process, right from the planning stage to post-launch monitoring. 

We not only identify and fix issues but also go the extra mile by preparing change management activities based on our test cases, ensuring a smooth transition, especially during operation-wide changes. While this might be a new concept for some, it’s business as usual for us. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable and robust end product or system, saving you time, headaches, and the costs associated with post-launch fixes. With us, you can rest assured that your projects are thoroughly tested and well-prepared for success

Looking for a partner who values the pilot phase? We certainly do. Our approach involves carefully selecting pilot users, setting clear goals, and creating a dedicated environment to pilot your project. 

We prioritize training and gathering valuable feedback to ensure a smoother project launch. Our detailed documentation and informed decision-making guarantee project success. With us, the pilot phase is a vital step towards achieving better project outcomes.

All systems are go as we greenlight the deployment of the items that have been thoroughly designed and tested for your environment. Worried about the deployment process? We understand. 

Our approach is to prioritize meticulous planning and execution. We work closely with you to ensure a seamless deployment, from careful planning and data migration to precise system setup and user training. We stay vigilant after the launch, ready to address any issues promptly. Our commitment to thorough planning ensures your deployment goes smoothly, making it a stress-free experience for you.

Welcome to the ‘Keeping the Lights On’ (KTLO) phase, where we ensure everything continues to run smoothly. With your project successfully delivered, we’re here to wrap up the final steps. 

During this phase, we offer knowledge transfer and comprehensive documentation for the environment/configuration we’ve delivered. Our goal is to empower your team, giving them the confidence and know-how to take over and maintain the environment moving forward. We’re here to support your journey towards self-sufficiency, making sure the lights stay on and your systems remain dependable.

Why Choose us

Outdated and legacy systems create technical debt and present critical security gaps and vulnerabilities within your environment.

Our goal is to remove the ambiguity in your technology stack and develop actionable plans to help you move your organization forward.

We perform our services with integrity and transparency, ensuring that you’re satisfied with the results.

A Unique Perspective

With access to Microsoft 365 & Azure licensing solutions tailored for your needs

Personalized Service

Across multiple industries, excelling and improving processes and workflows habitually

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