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Microsoft 365 Consulting Services: Empowering Your Business

Discover the advantages of Microsoft 365 and how it can help you make the most of your technology investments.
Microsoft 365 Endpoint Security
A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

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Are you a small or medium-sized business looking to boost your productivity and streamline your operations?

Formerly known as Office 365, Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite of tools designed to help businesses of all sizes work more efficiently and effectively.

The Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Businesses

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools to manage your business operations? Microsoft 365 can help! With its powerful suite of tools, you can boost productivity, streamline operations, and get the most out of your technology investments.

Our team of experts can assist you in choosing the right licensing to meet your unique business needs.

Streamlined Collaboration

With tools like Teams and SharePoint, your team can work together seamlessly and securely from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, you can stay connected and collaborate in real-time.

Enhanced Productivity

Microsoft 365 includes a range of productivity tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are essential for most businesses. With Microsoft 365, you’ll have access to the latest version of these tools, as well as regular updates and new features.

Greater Security

Data security is a top concern for most businesses, and Microsoft 365 has you covered. With built-in security features like multi-factor authentication and encryption, you can protect your data and ensure that only authorized users have access to it. 

What Can Cloud Migrations Do For Me?

Moving from on-premises servers to Microsoft 365 online can ulitmately help businesses cut costs, increase efficiencies, focus on their core competencies.

Scalability and Flexibility

With Microsoft 365, businesses can easily scale their technology needs up or down based on their changing requirements, without having to worry about the limitations of physical infrastructure.

Always Up-To Date

Businesses can access the latest features and updates as soon as they are released, without having to manage their own hardware updates. This means businesses can stay ahead of the competition, improve productivity, and work more efficiently.

Lower Costs

There are lower costs associated with subscription fees compared to purchasing and maintaining on-premises servers. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses with limited budgets, allowing them to redirect resources towards growing their business.

Security and Data Protection

Microsoft 365 provides businesses with a high level of security and data protection, including encryption, access controls, and endpoint protection and security. This can help businesses to mitigate the risks associated with data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other security threats.

Focus on your business

By migrating to Microsoft 365, small businesses can enjoy improved scalability, access to the latest features, lower costs, and increased security. This can help businesses to focus on what they do best, while staying ahead of the competition and meeting customer needs more efficiently.

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On-Premises to Microsoft Office 365 Migrations


Get the most out of your Windows, iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices by migrating and managing them with Intune! Streamline manageability from one secure and convenient platform, unlocking greater productivity for you and your team.


Streamline your communication with a modernized email migration from on-premises or third-party platforms to Exchange Online.

Enhance collaboration and efficiency among colleagues – upgrade your organization’s messaging system today!


With changing technology and ever expanding storage needs, make the move from on-premises servers to SharePoint Online with our migration services.

Enjoy greater scalability, enhanced performance capabilities and improved security for your data.

Microsoft Teams

Streamline collaboration within your organization by migrating to Microsoft Teams. Enhance usability and unleash the potential of collective ideas in a secure, cloud-based environment. Microsoft Teams provides a cohesive platform for communication, collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft 365

Are you looking to make an upgrade with your business communications? Moving from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 is the perfect solution. You’ll be able leverage all of MS365’s features and stay connected in a whole new way! Streamline processes like data migration now for increased productivity later.

How Can Microsoft Make 365 Make My Life Easier?

As a small business owner, you may be wondering how to effectively manage your IT infrastructure without draining your resources.

Microsoft 365 offers cloud-based solutions that can make the lives of small business owners easier. Small business owners can benefit from Microsoft Defender’s advanced threat protection, Intune’s mobile device management, and Purview’s data governance and compliance.

At 917 Solutions we are experienced in building and deploying solutions for our clients that:

  • Eliminate redundant tasks
  • Free up precious time


And more importantly, we build solutions that allow your resources to focus on the bigger tickets items for your organization that drive business growth.

Build & Deploy

Experience the full potential of your technology investments with our range of professional services. Let our team of experts build and deploy solutions that improve your productivity.

Intune (Windows)

Streamline your Windows 10 device management with Intune. Easily configure settings and deploy them to multiple devices and make the most out of Windows Autopilot to streamline onboarding.

Intune (MDM)

Accelerate your mobile device security with Mobile Device Management for iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices. Experience streamlined configuration and deployment across multiple platforms in one comprehensive solution!

Microsoft Defender

With Defender, small business owners can detect and respond to advanced threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. Defender’s advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms proactively protect small businesses against cyber attacks.

M365 Defender Tuning

Microsoft 365 Defender Advanced Threat Protection offers proactive protection against cyber threats, including phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware. This feature can help small business owners avoid data breaches and other security risks that can be costly and time-consuming to deal with.

Microsoft 365 Purview

Streamline your Windows 10 device management with Intune. Easily configure settings and deploy them to multiple devices and make the most out of Windows Autopilot to streamline onboarding.

SharePoint Deployment

With SharePoint, small businesses can manage and share documents, track workflows, and collaborate with team members, all from a central location. SharePoint is easy to use, and it requires minimal ongoing maintenance, freeing up resources for business growth.

PowerPlatform Build

Small businesses can create custom apps for managing business processes, tracking inventory, and managing customer relationships.

PowerApps are easy to use, with simple drag-and-drop functionality, and it requires minimal ongoing maintenance, freeing up resources for business growth.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security feature that requires users to provide two or more forms of authentication before accessing data or applications. MFA can help small businesses protect their data from unauthorized access.

And More!

These are our primary offerings, but we are knowledgeable in deploying Hello for Business, Conditional Access Policies within Azure, Azure Virtual Desktops and the list goes on. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the list, feel free to contact us at [email protected] with your questions.

I Need Help With Microsoft 365 License Planning

Microsoft 365 can be complex, and it can be hard to understand the specific license needs for your business. That’s why having a Microsoft Partner provides invaluable expertise—and that’s exactly what 917 Solutions offers! Our team of experts will help ensure you make informed decisions when managing licenses in Microsoft 365 while being able to quickly address any technical issues should they arise. But don’t just take our word for it; here are examples of two common challenges we’ve successfully helped customers overcome with our solutions:

Understanding licensing options

When it comes to selecting the best software license for your business, a Microsoft Partner is here to help. They can provide personalized guidance on which plan and features fit within both your needs and budget. Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed; you have an expert by your side helping ensure that all of the available options are given consideration!

Difficulty in managing licenses

Microsoft partners can be a valuable asset for customers who want to get the most out of their Microsoft 365 licenses. From tracking feature access, managing renewals and upgrades, or exploring optimization opportunities – these experts understand how to maximize your investment in Microsoft’s services.

Strategic Planning

Start aligning your technology and team capabilities with your goals today to unlock your organization’s full potential.

Consolidate to Microsoft 365

Overlapping productivity subscriptions and tool bloat can be a huge problem that many small businesses face. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 has you covered with specialized plans designed to deliver superior protection while maximizing efficiency – it’s easy to choose the best path forward! We can help you identify your current obligations and find a solutions that fits your needs.

Cost Saving Strategies

Finding the right technology and security solution for your business can be a daunting task. As more businesses are forced to do more with less, our team can help you understand what Microsoft 365 solutions exist that can reduce your number of subscriptions, saving you money!

Microsoft 365 Licensing

Unlock the powerful potential of Microsoft technology in your business! Strategize what’s next for your company by unlocking opportunities and defining a state-of-the-art future. This is an invaluable opportunity to explore how you can shape success through technology innovation. Plan today, profit tomorrow with Microsoft!

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